The Team

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John Koenig


Education in marketing, accounting and treasury. President of a business oranization. Family line in business.

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Kieran Gilroy


Educated in finance and business practices.

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Daniel Lanza


Education in Finance and business practices.

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Robert Maksimowicz


Experience in advertising solutions, web solutions and ecommerce. Strong understanding of future technologies.

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Anthony Barnao

Bank Manager

Skilled in analysis of business expenditures and knowledgable in handling and organizing cash.

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Harris Freeman

VP Marketing

Experienced in the photography & videography business and strong knowlege of online advertisement.

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Luke Lanzisera


Experienced in advertisement, marketing and problem solving.

We are the team of students who have brought our virtual company TruView VR to you. We have a team of 17 driven highschool students from W.C Mepham creating services and products that could in the real world become successful.

VR technology has an imaginable future in many sectors from entertainment to education, we want to be the proof that this technology can be successful and profitable through a virtual company and also prove there is an audience.

VR is a technology with endless possiblities so creating our company in VR leads to a multitude of possiblities and challanges making it a great test to our virtual company and real team.

Do you want to work with us?

Let's get talking. Need our technology for your business? Lot wholesale pricing available. Get in contact below.